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Buying a Pastry Display

Pastry Displays are the perfect solution for businesses that want to sell savoury and sweet treats to their customers. Typically, a Pastry Display like any other refrigerated display comes in two types of basic refrigeration – forced air or gravity coil. Which type of refrigeration depends on what you will be displaying in your Pastry Display.

Refrigeration Types

Forced Air

Cold air is recirculated through the Pastry Display to keep the food on display cool. Regularly used for bakery items and packaged foods. In the Forced Air scenario there is a possibility for foods to become dehydrated if not covered with cling wrap or a lid.

Gravity Coil

The Gravity Coil method operates through a cooled coil positioned in the upper interior of the Pastry Display and the cool air flows down over the top of the items in the Pastry Display. Gravity Coil refrigeration systems are best used for raw meats, seafood and salads where you don’t want the product to come dry and dehydrated.


Pastry Display Suggestion Table

The following is only a guide on which type of refrigeration you should opt for when picking a display unit for your business.

We will discuss suitable refrigeration for meats, seafood and cheeses in a separate article titled Buying Refrigeration for Meats, Seafood or Cheese.



Forced Air

Gravity Coil

Pies, Sausage Rolls



Cakes, Macarons, Muffins



Fruit or Custard-Filled Pastries



Raw Meats






Cheese, Coleslaw, Salad, Deli Meat



Pastry Display Features and Design

Now that you have decided what products you will have on display in your Pastry Display Case, you can start to consider what features you want the Pastry Display to have for your intended use.




The size of your Pastry Display Case will be determined by how much room you have dedicated to position the Pastry Display.

The Infrico Ambar Series has a wide range of sizes available, including self-serve, heated and refrigerated options.

The Infrico Ambar VBR 6 SS (Self-Serve Unit) is only 625mm wide and even comes standard with a pull-down night blind.


Shelving is an important aspect in your search for a Pastry Display. Shelving increases your product visibility to the customer and allows for a flexible layout and design. Most Pastry Displays come with tiered shelving and allow for the shelves to be rearranged in the unit.

Glass shelving allows light to penetrate evenly through all tiers and also has the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing to your customers.

All Pastry Display shelving in our Infrico Ambar Series are made out of glass, with anodized aluminium supports.


Cleaning your Pastry Display should be something that is almost effortless. Minimise your cleaning efforts through using plates, trays and even baking paper for quick removal and easy cleaning of your Pastry Display.

Keep the interior of your Pastry Display spotless by choosing a Pastry Display that has a frontal opening.

The Infrico Ambar Series has the option to add frontal opening functionality and includes as standard rear sliding doors to prevent pests and food spoilage.


Poor lighting in your Pastry Display will hinder your products from looking their best. The lighting designed for Pastry Displays and other refrigerated displays are specifically designed to promote the product in a high quality environment to enhance colour and texture.

Lighting can be shelf-mounted or mounted in the roof of the interior.

The lighting used in all Infrico Refrigeration is low-wattage LED lighting, providing a highly luminescent light source for a fraction of the energy expenses that other lighting alternatives cost.

The lighting for the Infrico Ambar Series is positioned along the shelves and in the upper profile area.

As well as man-made lighting, natural lighting is also an integral part of your Pastry Display. Luckily, Infrico has designed their Ambar Series to contain double-lateral glass slides to increase natural light and product exposure for your customers.


Choosing the colour of your Pastry Display allows you to be able to mix and match with existing shop décor.

Not only can the exterior be coloured to your liking, but many Pastry Displays have colour choice for the interior too – this is usually black to hide any wiring and create focus on the product sitting on the tiers.

The drawback with a black interior is that every single crumb, drop of frosting and sprinkle will be clearly visible and require more effort to keep tidy throughout the day.

The Infrico Ambar Series has 15 exterior colour choices and comes with a flawless stainless steel interior.



Style refers to your Pastry Display’s glass style. While it is possible to get flat glass panels for your Pastry Display, curved glass panels are usually opted for instead.

This is because of the science in the curvature of the glass. When a curved glass panel is used, it allows for the reflection of overhead lighting, and decreases reflections in your Pastry Display.



  • Refrigerated
  • Heated
  • Self Service – Front Open Only
  • Self Service – Front and Back Openings


Some Pastry Display Cases have accessories or optional extras available when the unit is ordered.

This can include night blinds and front-opening glass.

It is important to note that with Infrico’s Ambar Series that front and side lacquer colours are not an additional charge.

The Infrico Ambar Family



 VBR_12_HT VBR_6_SS VBR_12_DS_White

(cool white lighting)

(warm white lighting)

Single Side

Dual Side

VBR 12 R