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Eco Friendly Refrigerant

In the next 10 years the phase-out of HFC refrigerants will be 85% completed. This phase out will mostly concern products that use R-134a and R-404a refrigerants.

The most expensive cost that many businesses face is their electricity bill – specifically for air-conditioning and refrigeration (which can be over 50% of the whole bill for the quarter).

With the depletion of the ozone layer, alternative refrigerant options are now more critical than ever before in a race to decrease our emissions into the atmosphere. HCFC’s (Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbons) and CFC’s (Chloro Fluoro Carbons) were great choices for refrigerant due to their harmless and fire-retardant nature but also came at a great cost with their properties affecting the GWP (Global Warming Potential) and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). These depletions raised questions about the long-term sustainability of using these types of refrigerants for future refrigeration and air conditioning needs.


Starting change

Bans being imposed through the European Union and in North America will mean that the most common type of refrigerant – R-134a will now be discontinued from future manufacturing.

Traditional refrigerated units will become no longer serviceable – this means two things for consumers: once your refrigerator breaks down you won’t be able to have it serviced anymore and you will need to shop for a new commercial refrigerator that complies with new refrigerant legislation.

If you are unsure about which type of refrigerant will suit your refrigerators’ intended use, The Frost Group can assist you with choosing the right refrigerant for your new Infrico commercial refrigerator.



Through the use of alternative refrigerants, you can benefit from:

  • Lower operational costs of your refrigerator
  • Lower maintenance is required
  • Your refrigerator will consume less energy
  • Harmful fumes are not produced or emitted into the atmosphere


How The Frost Group and Infrico Can Help?


Many of the Infrico Refrigerated range have the ability to use R-404a refrigerant as an alternative to R-134a. R-404a has been defined as the most popular refrigerant but due to its high GWP, R-134a has been used as an alternative due to its low GWP.



Moving forward, Infrico now offers ecoEfficiency on most models of their refrigeration – ecoEfficiency is the use of the R-290 refrigerant instead of R-404a or R-134a. It has the lowest atmospheric lifetime, taking 12 years to each neutralization in the atmosphere. The R-290 refrigerant is comprised of propane gases.


Eco Friendly Product Suggestions

We have compiled a list of ecoEfficiency products to review environmentally friendly refrigeration options for your business.

Download PDF