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How to buy a Gelato Display


In our tempered climate, ice creams, sorbets, gelato and frozen yogurts serve as treats across Australia. With this frozen treat industry generating a large portion of revenue for these businesses every year, it is imperative to keep these items in a dependable gelato display.

In case you have never bought a gelato display before, here are some basics about gelato to start with. Temperature is always important as gelato is perishable. For example, our Infrico gelato displays operate between -15°C and -18°C.

Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet all have different consistencies, shelf lives and fat content – something important to consider when looking to buy a gelato display.


Types of Gelato Displays

Just as gelato and ice cream have different properties, so do the setup of their  display cabinets. it is not recommended to serve gelato from an ice cream display or vice versa as the gelato would be too hard and the ice cream would be too soft. Ice cream would be served around -18°celcius and gelato at approximately -13° celcius


Aries or Coral Gelato Displays?

The main difference between an Aries gelato display and a Coral gelato display is the look of the kickboard/ventilation strip, located at the bottom of the unit. This is the most noticeable difference when two units are placed side-by-side. Apart from this, the Aries and Coral gelato displays form part of two series, in which there are more modular pieces that make up an entire layout – this is where the major difference is noticed – once the whole unit is put together.



Aries Modular Gelato Displays

Shown to the right is the Infrico Aries VAR 18 H Gelato Display.



The exterior of the Aries gelato display has a white quartz work top. The glass panel is curved and heated with hydraulic pistons for easy lifting. The unit contains an enamelled steel base and an ABS thermoformed decoration. The exterior is constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel.


The interior of all Aries gelato displays contain enough exhibition space for 5L gastronorm trays (360x165x170). The tray amount varies between models with the VAR 12 H containing up to 14 x 1/3 GN trays, VAR 15 H containing up to 16 x 1/3 GN trays and the VAR 18 H (pictured) contains up to 20 x 1/3 GN trays.

The interior utilises LED lighting in the upper profile area to maximise the luminosity of the interior with a low wattage strip to minimise product spoilage.

The Aries gelato display contains an anodized, aluminium support structure and the interior of the unit is constructed with AISI 304 stainless steel.



The Aries gelato display, like all other Infrico products, are FREE of CFC’s and contain a high-density polyeurethane insulation (40kg/m3), with a low GWP and zero ODP effect.



The temperature and the defrost of the gelato display can be controlled through a digital control panel located on the back of the unit. The unit utilises forced air for refrigeration, and the evaporator coil is coated with anti-corrosion, 100% polyester material.

Defrost for the gelato display is controlled through a hot gas defrost system.

VCB_18_HCoral Modular Gelato Displays

Shown to the right is the Infrico Coral VCB 18 H Gelato Display


The most distinctive difference between the Aries and the Coral at this point is the perfectly flat glass panel at the front of the gelato display.

The Coral series only comes with flat or angled glass panels, no curvatures.

The second most distinctive feature is the noticeably discreet kickboard and ventilation strip at the bottom of the unit.



As mentioned above in the Aries gelato display, the interior of the Coral series is also AISI 304 stainless steel and contains an LED strip in the upper area of the canopy for maximum lighting with minimal heat emissions.



The insulation of the Coral series unit contains a polyurethane foam, that is free of CFC’s and is injected at 40kg/m3 . There is zero ODP (ozone depleting potential) and GWP (global warming potential) from these units making them also safe for our environment.



The units are controlled with a digital display at the rear of the unit, that manages both temperature and the hot gas defrost feature. There is a system for ventilated condensation, which ties in with the removable condensate tray (pictured).




About Infrico Gelato Displays

Both the Aries and the Coral gelato display series come in more than 12 colours so you can customize your gelato display to match your business colours.

Gelato display colours



Customised Aries Gelato Display Example


Pictured: 2 adjoining aries  var 18 h and var 15 h in white, with a custom timber panel on the side



It is not recommended to leave your gelato in your gelato display overnight. The gelato would be exposed to the defrost cycle your gelato display uses and cleaning of the gelato display would be more difficult than it needs to be.

It is perfectly fine to clean your gelato display with a mild detergent and rinse with water. As mentioned before, your gelato does have a shelf life, so ensure the gelato that is expiring soonest is rotated to the front, where it is easily visible to your customers.

Monthly maintenance checklist

Performing a few simple checks will ensure that your gelato display runs for years to come and that you don’t have any abrupt outages affecting your business.

  1. If you have easy access, check the condenser coil and clean if necessary
  2. Look for leaks under the gelato display
  3. Check for any obstructions to the air flow that may be restricting air flow to the evaporator or condenser coil
  4. Make sure that the air intake vent has plenty of room and is not obstructed by anything
  5. Listen for excessive noise coming from your unit – something that may not be noticeable during peak periods but could be picked up before opening or after closing.
  6. Check that the gelato display’s temperature is holding temperature to what the digital display is reading at.
  7. Ensure that your gelato display is cycling between regular and defrost modes as per normal


The Aries and Coral gelato display series both have the ability to be fitted with an optional shelf above the gastronorm tubs, handy for sprinkles, choc chips etc.

The Aries and Coral gelato display series have the option for rear sliding doors on the unit for added temperature control and sanitation.

Gastronorm tray kits can be supplied as an option if required.

The Aries gelato display series can have optional night curtains fitted.