Curtin Stainless

Curtin Stainless Solutions is now part of the Frost Group

Specialising in professional consultancy service with the supply and installation of commercial kitchens, food equipment and refrigeration, including custom-built stainless steel products for the hospitality industry, Curtin provides a professional service to all segments of the food service, health and aged care and leisure industries.

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About Curtin Stainless

Established in 1989 in South Australia, Curtin Stainless Solutions is now a proud part of the well-respected Frost Group of companies.

Our Work

we have done for a number of companies including St Anna’s Residential Care, The Collins Bar (Hilton Hotel), Uniting Care Wesley Semaphore Park, Melville Hotel, GU Film House Glenelg, Haydons Meat and more.



Frost Group can supply and install everything ranging from quality brand ovens and fryers to countertop equipment, shelving and dishwashers – we cater for everything you need to handle food effectively in commercial or large volume situations.